Ashwin’s Wife Spilled A Few Details About Their 1st Night And It’s Super Crazy And Adorable!

All men learn this lesson quite early in their marriages—there’s no winning against The Wife.

Even if you’re one of the best bowlers on the Indian cricket team like Ravichandran Ashwin is, your wife will still have that extra edge and hit your every ball out of the park!

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Need a demo? We’ve got just the right one!

So yesterday, it was Ashwin and his wife Prithi’s sixth wedding anniversary. The bowling all-rounder shared a simple and sweet wish for his wife on Twitter.

Pretty standard, right? But wait till you see what happened next!

Wifey dearest, Prithi, had a kickass reply that is pretty much, and we couldn’t help it, some (diet) food for thought!

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Okay then! Being someone who’s tried a lot of diets, the Keto is one hell of an obstacle course to put your marriage through! But looks like Prithi’s game if hubby Ashwin is!

And this was just her first over of the game that she bowled with her sassy arm!

Many of Ashwin’s fans replied to his anniversary wish tweet with their own wishes and blessings for the couple. One of them clearly made Prithi roll her eyes and she wasn’t afraid to let them know it!

Seriously? Love for wife = hunger for more wickets? *rolls eyes*

Now it was her turn to bowl Ashwin over with her anniversary wish! And boy, she bowled a good one!

Prithi stumped one and all when instead of a plain and simple anniversary wish, she decided to spill some beans about what went down on the night of her and Ashwin’s wedding!

Did you notice that sneaky ‘as iffffffff’ in the parantheses right there! And OMG, Ashwin’s team members clearly had no chill!

But wait, there’s more! Prithi was present for what would be her first ever test match the next day, but she couldn’t recognise her new patidev on the field!

Is that not the most adorable yet hatke ‘Thank-you-God-For-An-Amazing-Husband’ message ever?

And now for the last ball of the final over! Guys, are you ready?

Apparently, Ashwin is in Kolkata for a match on his anniversary, leaving Prithi all alone on the one day she shouldn’t be alone. So what do you think she did?

First, she sulked a little by sharing this:

And then, like every other girl who’s missing her boo, she sought comfort food. But from Ashwin fans!

I totally second Prithi in her belief that cake solves most of life’s problems and I feel so bad that she had to spend such a special day at home sulking instead of some romantic time with hubby Ashwin. So here’s a little belated anniversary gift:

Prithi, we now crown you Twitter’s newest sass master! Howzzat!?

PS: Ashwin, if you get this, we hope you’re getting a big-ass gift to make up for your absence! Call us for tips! *wink*