Twitter Rains Memes As R Ashwin Chooses Not To ‘Mankad’ Aaron Finch, Just Gives A Warning


First things first, what is ‘Mankading’?

According to The Hindu, it is when a bowler pauses during his delivery and runs out a batsman on the non-striker’s end when he finds that the batsman is outside of his crease. The bowler hits the bails before bowling, thereby dismissing the batsman. Even though ‘Mankading’ is legally permissible, it is considered to be against the spirit of the game. The name was coined after Indian Opener Vinoo Mankad stirred controversy back in 1947-48 by doing the same.

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Now, during the 2019 IPL, in a match between Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals, the Kings captain and off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin had run out RR’s batsman Jos Buttler by ‘Mankading’ him. This wasn’t the only incident. Back in 2012, Ashwin tied himself in a ‘Mankad’ controversy when he tried to run out Sri Lanka’s Lahiru Thirimanne.

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This year, in the recent match between Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore, Ashwin (now Delhi Capitals’ Captain) OPTED OUT of mankading RCB’s Aaron Finch when he saw him leave his crease before the ball’s delivery, reports News18.

Have a look at the video here:

This has left cricket fans absolutely stunned! A man who is known to punish batsmen for “cheating” (even a little) chose to leave Finch with just a warning. Here’s how people online reacted:

If you are wondering why Ricky Ponting was smiling after Ashwin chose not to mankad, here’s the story behind it:

According to News18, Ricky Ponting and Ashwin had discussed mankading in the past. In a YouTube video in Ashwin’s channel, Ponting highlighted that batsmen should not ‘cheat’ by moving out of the crease early but called for a run-penalty instead of a run-out.

So this was basically Ashwin listening to Ricky Ponting’s advice in a way!

After the match, Ashwin took to Twitter to give a final warning to all batsmen. Here’s what he tweeted:

Do you think Ashwin should have mankad Finch last night? Tell us!

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