Ashneer Grover Asks Media To Use His Thinner Pic As To See His Fatter Self Is ‘Offensive’

After his brief stint on Shark Tank India where he was one of the ‘sharks’, Ashneer Grover quit his position at BharatPe, published a book, featured in numerous talk shows and podcasts and lost a bunch of weight. He looks considerably different than what he used to a year back.

However, in a bizarre yet hilarious tweet, Ashneer Grover asked the media to stop using his older pictures from before his weight loss journey as to see his “fatter self” is “offensive” for him as it took a lot of effort to lose 15 kgs.


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“Press: You may write anything you get paid to write about me. I won’t complain. I have one request – please use this picture – nothing is more offensive to me than seeing my older fatter self after losing 15 Kgs! I don’t even read the stories like most – visual appeal is imp!!” he tweeted.

He also attached a recent picture of himself where he is looking much leaner and asked the media to use it in their reports. Have a look:

People online had various kinds of reactions upon reading his tweet. While some slammed him for his alleged internalised fatphobia, others lauded his confidence claiming that he apparently knows how to market himself! 😛

I don’t know man, I’ve never heard a celebrity urging the public to use their thinner pictures.


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