Actor Ashish Vidyarthi Ties The Knot For The Second Time At 60, Proves Age No Bar For Love

In India where cricketers are treated as Gods, film and TV actors with a massive fan following are treated no less than the divine. While each of their moves is closely monitored and sometimes criticized too, their actions do have a lasting impact on impressionable minds. Hence, it becomes a prerogative to become a positive influence on them and society at large.

National Award-winning actor Ashish Vidyarthi recently took a life-altering decision that we think will empower and motivate many others who have been thinking of doing the same.

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We have seen Vidyarthi in many films, predominantly portraying the role of an evil villain. But in real life, he’s a motivational speaker, travel and food vlogger, and a lover boy at heart. We say so because the 60-year-old actor recently got married for the second time with the love of his life.

Not paying much heed to ‘log kya kahenge’ and how will society react to his decision, the ‘Rana Naidu’ actor took the plunge and married entrepreneur Rupali Barua (50), hailing from Assam in an intimate ceremony attended by close family and friends.

Formerly, the actor who has worked in more than 300 films in multiple languages, was married to actress, singer, and theatre performer Rajoshi AKA Piloo Vidyarthi and the couple have a son Arth Vidyarthi together.

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Ashish and Rupali finally married each other after dating for the past several years. According to India Today, the couple had a simple court wedding that followed traditions from Kerala and Assam.

Even though Ashish and Rupali did what they thought was best for them, a section of society shamed them. However, there were many others who supported the couple for doing the right thing.

But no matter what anyone else thinks, we definitely laud the newly-married couple for following their heart, setting a great example, and not letting age or society influence their personal decisions.

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