Woman Questions How Arun Jaitley Got A Kidney Transplant So Soon But She Couldn’t In 4 Years

Healthcare services and facilities in India have been under scrutiny for a while now. From Max hospital’s wrongful declaration of a stillborn to Fortis hospital overcharging a patient’s family for treatment of dengue, the last couple of months have been really disappointing for all of us.

A valid issue was raised by a woman called Sunanda Brahma about laymen’s problems with organ transplant in India. Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has been out of office for a week due to kidney ailments and he is set to get a transplant procedure in the coming week.

Sunanda pens a heartfelt post on Facebook about how it is easy for politicians and other powerful country folks to get medical procedures easily and quickly while the laymen, including herself, are deprived of it for years.

Mr Arun Jaitley is undergoing a kidney transplant today. As a fellow kidney failure patient who has been on dialysis for…

Posted by Sunanda Brahma on 6 ಏಪ್ರಿಲ್ 2018

Her post read,

Mr Arun Jaitley is undergoing a kidney transplant today. As a fellow kidney failure patient who has been on dialysis for over four years I wish him well and Godspeed for his recovery. I understand his suffering.

However, today i feel that once again my nose has been rubbed in the ground and I have been told that we live in a country where we do not have an equal right to live and that there are different strokes for different folks.

A few months after my kidneys failed there was a person of lower means than mine who offered me a kidney. In return she wanted me to look after her children’s education as she wanted them to do well in their lives. My appeal got rejected outright. The doctors were the first to reject.
I continued with dialysis and started getting complications which have now prevented me from even getting a deceased donor transplant. I can’t help thinking that had that initial offer gone through maybe life would have been different now

My point here is that how do people like Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley go through transplant surgeries in a week’s time with unrelated donor kidneys arranged, doctors ready and waiting to do the surgeries, authorities giving clearances overnight? In what way are their lives more worthy of living than mine? Why do we continue to accept this injustice

I am a lone voice here, but I have tagged some of my friends who have strong and powerful voices… please raise your voice , remember that our Constitution gives us all the equal right to live.. but the reality is different.


Her post received a lot of support from people and many of them even shared their own stories. In response to that, Sunanda did a follow-up post seeking support to file an RTI and know how much time it took for Arun Jaitley to get his medical clearances.

With the support that my post yesterday on the inequalities in our right to live has got I am sure that we will be able to get our voices heard. But we need to stay committed and focused on our objective that even if it doesn’t happen for us, new kidney failure patients have it easier in getting clearances and acceptance of unrelated donor kidneys and that this privilege be not reserved only for the rich and powerful and politicians.

We need help to file a RTI to understand how long did Mr Jaitley take to get his unrelated donor clearances.
Any and all help will be much appreciated.


Her post aptly highlights the story of every common man in India. It’s the kind of truth that everyone knows and experiences, but no one addresses it. Someone has finally spoken up about it and maybe a new change could be on the cards in the coming years.

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