Arunachal Govt Turns Old Buses Into Colourful Classrooms For Kids To Make Learning Fun

A government-run school in eastern Arunachal Pradesh’s Lohit district was suffering from low attendance, space crunch, and overall low enthusiasm from the students to learn. One of the reasons cited by the District Magistrate, Prince Dhawan, was the “mundane” and “dull” school environment.

To fix the situation, the DM came up with a unique plan to make school more fun and exciting for the kids. According to a report by The New Indian Express, he decided to procure old, abandoned buses which were no longer functional and transform them into colourful classrooms!

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The teachers of the school along with volunteers painted an old bus an appropriate educational theme with diagrams of the human body, map of India, and pictures of animals.

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Tables, chairs, and boards have been placed inside the buses and stationery items have been kept. This not just solves the space crunch issue but is a major shift from the mundane experiences of the children.

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“We believed it would not only solve the problem of classroom on temporary basis but also infuse an element of fun and interactive learning in the school,” the DM told TNIE.

According to NDTV, the ‘school on bus’ idea was well received by the students and they seem more excited than ever to attend classes. Dhawan revealed that the kids are even staying back after school hours and have pledged to perform better to get more of such buses!

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The district administration is planning to make more of such buses to promote “fun learning” and improve the attendance of the schools.

A few days back, Bengaluru state officials decided to turn old buses into colourful creches for the children of construction workers to ensure their safety.

I wish we’d had such fun and colourful buses back in the day!

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