Man Thinks People Shouldn’t Use ‘Artist’ Snobbishly To Demean Other Professions, Desis Back Him

When we think of an artist, we are reminded of painters, musicians, comedians, writers, sculptors, actors, etc. Names like Leonardo Da Vinci, Amitabh Bachchan, Kailash Kher, and Picasso immediately pop into our minds.

Engineers, coders, doctors, IT guys, bankers, accountants, etc never make it to the list of ‘artists’ because they aren’t into any artistic profession, according to common belief.

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While some would vouch for this logic, a man thinks that everyone who does their work with excellence is an artist.

Taking to LinkedIn, a guy named Vishal Dayama penned a lengthy note on why he thinks people should not use the title ‘artist’ snobbishly to demean other professions.

“Yesterday, I came across this post where some guy said how difficult it is to become a comedian/singer, etc in today’s world. While I agreed with a few points, the thing which bothered me the most was how he kept using the word ‘artist’ snobbishly. Every paragraph ended with phrases like artists suffer from this and artists have to do this struggle and how engineers and doctors have a system ready but ‘artists’ don’t. Now I don’t care what the definition of artists is but I am very sure that it’s not “use it snobbishly to demean other professions”.” (sic)
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He went on to pen that being in the media industry, he knows multiple people (artists) who think more of themselves than an IT guy or a banker.

“I have been working in the media industry for almost a decade now and so many people that I know of share this view. They somehow value themselves more than the guy who works in IT or a bank. And I fail to understand why. Because you were fortunate enough to have a passion which also pays? Or stupid enough to not understand coding?” (sic)

Dayama fails to understand that logic and thinks that anyone who does their work beautifully is an artist. He opined that every profession has its struggle and everyone has worked hard to be what they are.

“And by the way, if someone codes beautifully, they are an artist. If someone cures your pain by just fiddling with your muscles, they are an artist. In fact, anyone who does their job beautifully should be called an artist because they are expressing themselves through a medium which they have learned and studied and practiced their asses off. They have worked hard to be called an engineer or doctor or banker. They have had their struggles too. And if you think that’s just another job, then so is yours.” (sic)
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Dayama continues to press on the fact that every artist is doing their job to survive and so is everyone else working in the ‘conventional’ fields. Hence, no one has the right to be snobbish.

“You are doing your job in order to survive. And you know who else does that? Everybody in the world. Just because you have succeeded in a field that was ‘unconventional’, it doesn’t give you the right to act snobbish. Let others call you an artist. Don’t go around calling yourself an artist. Call yourself a writer, a musician, a singer, an actor, or a poet. Behave normally.

After reading that stupid post and the ‘ego-inflating’ comments under it, I gave up on humanity for a second before realizing that I gave up on it years ago. Monkeys are better.” (sic)

He concluded the post by posting the googled definition of ‘artists’ which read that anyone who expresses themselves through a medium is an artist.

“Anyway, I googled the definition of an artist. Here it goes. “Artist is a descriptive term applied to a person who engages in an activity deemed to be an art. An artist also may be defined unofficially as a person who expresses him- or herself through a medium”. So if you are posting on Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or Medium, then you are also an artist okay? You are all artists.” (sic)

You can read the entire post here.

People online thought his lengthy post does makes sense. This is how they reacted:

His post also resonated with people on Twitter.

IMO, he does have a point. Every profession has its own hardships. What do you think?

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