Look How Beautifully Tattoo Artists Cover The Surgery Marks Of Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer- a demon that haunts millions of women around the globe.

Mastectomy is a process of the removal of either a part or the entire breast tissue, in order to get rid of the cancer mass. Needless to say, it leaves behind deep scars- physical, and mental.

P.ink, an organisation run by artists, connects the best tattoo artists around the world with mastectomy patients, for them to convert surgery scar surfaces into beautiful pieces of art by making tattoos on them.

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David Allen, one of the tattoo artists, said: “What was clinical became beautiful again… we turned sterile into sensual. We took back control.”


Women of all kinds of surgery scars on their breasts, who decided to get tattoos made, are incredibly happy with them.


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Visit the P.ink website here.

They aren’t just scars. They’re scars of battle. Wear your armour proudly, ladies!

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