This Artist Called Out Her Alleged Rapist & Police With A Giant Billboard Seeking Justice For Herself!

Around 35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives says a report by the United Nations. Out of these, less than 40% of women seek any sort of help from family, friends, society, police or law. The rest of the cases either go unreported or the culprits are not brought to justice.

At such times, cases of women and society taking the law in their own hands often come to light. A woman burnt her rapist alive in Bengal a few months back. Another case where a furious mob lynched a 39-year-old man who raped a minor in Jalandhar was also reported recently. Seems like, people have found their own ways to deal with sexual violence around the world.

In one such non-violent effort, an artist from Los Angeles decided to fight injustice done to her. Stephanie Montgomery grew up in Texas and moved to LA after college. She started working at gentlemen’s club Skin to support herself as an artist.

One day, Jason Borba, a former bouncer visited the club. He invited Montgomery to the VIP lounge of the club and grabbed her. He forced himself upon her despite Montgomery saying a ‘no’ to him several times.

She reported the incident to her managers and cops. But the police did not charge Borbo for rape due to lack of evidence. His lawyer Glen Jonas also denied the allegations. It was then when Montgomery decided to take the matter in her own hands and teach a lesson to her rapist and the police. Accordingly, Montgomery, a member of the street art scene in Los Angeles, created an art piece on a giant billboard.

“I’m Stephanie. I was raped by a guy like this in a place like that. I told the club and the police but no one did anything, so I painted this billboard,” she wrote on the billboard.

Stephanie’s way of calling out her rapist has impressed the netizens. She is receiving immense support from all of them.

Montgomery is also curating an illustrated book of various stories of sexual assault by several sexual abuse survivors. We hope she gets justice soon!

More power to you, Stephanie!

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