Cricketers & B-Town Support Arshdeep Singh After He Dropped A Catch At India-Pak Match

Sunday didn’t go as planned for Indian cricket team supporters as India lost the T20 Asia Cup match to Pakistan by a very close margin. Evidently, the team gave their heart and soul and did everything in their capacity to win the match. But Pakistan came out victorious.

And blindly ignoring all the earlier records, wins, and accolades bowler Arshdeep Singh brought to the country, furious cricketing fans blamed him for being the catalyst of India’s loss after he dropped a crucial catch of Asif Ali in the 18th over at the Dubai International Stadium.


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From calling him names to labeling him a traitor and trolling him left, right and center, the Indian bowler faced incessant criticism online.

But as people spread hatred against him online, there were many known celebs who held his hand and proudly protected him from mindless scrutiny. Taking to Instagram, actor Ayushmann Khurrana shared a reel and penned that even though it was heartbreaking to see India lose, there’s always a silver lining.

“It’s been almost 24 hours but can’t get over last night’s nerves. There’s always a heartbreak when India loses a match. But let’s look at the silver lining. Kohli is in form now! SKY is looking good.
Also our openers. Let’s not be fickle and fair weather. We should support our team even when they lose a close one.”

“And for God’s sake, stop trolling Arshdeep. He’s a great prospect. Expecting fireworks in the rest of the tournament. Praying for the next clash.”


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From Harbhajan Singh to Virat Kohli, there are others who came in support of Arsh.

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In Arsh’s defense, acclaimed Indian cricketer Virat Kohli said, “Anyone can make the mistake, the situation was tight. It was a high-pressure game and mistakes can happen,” Economic Times quoted him saying.

“I still remember I was playing my first Champions Trophy and the match was against Pakistan, I had played a very bad shot against Shahid Afridi. I was watching the ceiling till 5 am, I was not able to sleep and I thought my career is over but these things are natural.”

“Seniors players get around you, there is a good team environment right now, I give the credit to the captain and coach. The players learn from their mistakes. So one must accept his mistake, address it and look forward to being in that pressure situation once again,” said Kohli.

Winning and losing are part of the game. But talking ill about the players who have already won several accolades for the country isn’t in good taste. Let’s get over Arsh and focus on the next Super 4 stage fixture wherein India faces Sri Lanka today in Dubai.

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