Twitter Becomes A Battle Ground After Woman Tweets In Favour Of Arranged Marriages

Marriage, be it love or arranged, has its pros and cons. While some prefer knowing and falling in love with their partner before getting into matrimony, others have their own reason for going the traditional ‘arranged’ way to tie the knot.

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But according to this Twitter user, Vedika Jain, arranged marriages are more successful than love marriages. She even shared this unpopular opinion with people online.

And the moment she tweeted this controversial thought, people were quick to jump to the comments section to give their two cents on the matter.

A lot of people supported her claim saying that since there’s family involved, it makes it difficult to break.

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However, many said love marriages last longer as the couple knows each other well.

There were also some who thought that it’s not the type of marriage but the bond between the couple is what leads to a happy and successful marriage.

Earlier, even Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor said that an arranged marriage is better and backed it with a solid reason. Which team are you on, love or arranged marriage?

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