Guy Asks What To Do On ‘First Night’ In Case Of Arranged Marriage, Desis Shower Advice

It is fairly simple for a couple who’ve had a love marriage to go about their first night. But for couples who’ve had an arranged marriage, things can get a little awkward. There are hesitancy, shyness, and doubts on what to do and not to do on your first night. More so because there’s a lot of pressure to ‘perform’.

A Reddit user recently asked advice from people online on what to do on the night after the wedding in the case of an arranged marriage.

“How does one prepare oneself for the arranged marriage if one hasn’t got to meet his or her partner a lot of times before wedding? And it should be even more awkward when you’re a virgin without any sexual experience. Is it normal to talk to your partner regarding sex before the wedding?” the Redditor asked.

People whose marriage was arranged, what was it like the night after the wedding? from india

Surprisingly, many people online shared wonderful advice. Some stressed that instead of having sex outright, making it awkward for both parties, it is best to take things slow and just talk on the first night.


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However, there were some who revealed that they did have sex on their first night as they were comfortable with the idea.

Some even suggested that unlike what society dictates, sexual intimacy on a married couple’s first night shouldn’t be a priority.

It is best to not rush into things just because it is a given that a couple needs to get physically intimate on their first night. Be comfortable with each other first. Talk and get to know each other better. Then only will you be able to enjoy sexual intimacy.

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