Guy Asks If He Should Fight For The Girl He’s Chosen For Arranged Marriage, Desis Respond

A desi arranged marriage setup is nothing but a few hours of dhamakedaar entertainment. There will be many pranaams, feet-touching, laaj-sharam, and samosas involved. Families from both sides will judge each other like there is no tomorrow. If it’s a lucky day, the bride won’t be called out for her short height or that she isn’t beautiful enough.

I say this because one guy recently took to Reddit to narrate how his father wouldn’t approve of the girl ‘arranged’ for the marriage because she wasn’t as ‘beautiful’ and was short.

The guy and the girl, both 30-years-old, met each other on a matrimonial site. Their profiles were approved by the parents on both sides and eventually, they met. However, the guy’s father didn’t approve of the girl.

“When I asked my father, whose decision will be the final decision, then he said we can as a family discuss things but his decision will be final. So I’m thinking should I insist upon marrying this girl?”

After the guy tried to convince him, his father in a fit of rage said, “Tereko karni hai hai na to karwa dete hai.”

Have a look at the full post here:

Should I Fight for the girl I like in arrange marriage? from india

After he sought advice from people online, several took to the comment section to respond. While many urged him to stand his ground, others expressed how the girl won’t be happy in a family like his.

Some also highlighted how he shouldn’t be needing his father’s permission for everything as he is 30 and financially independent.

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A few also expressed how the girl deserves better.

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