Arnab Goswami Fires Questions At Vijay Mallya Over A Call And Mallya Has The Weirdest Reply!

It’s been a while since the King of Good Times, Vijay Mallya, saw some good times come his way. For now, all that the liquor baron, businessman and former Rajya Sabha member can boast of is the extensive list of financial crimes that he is alleged to have committed.

Vijay Mallya is currently the subject of an extradition trial in UK, where he has been living since March 2016, to bring him to India so that he can be answerable for the all the fraud and money laundering allegations against him.

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Mallya faces a whopping 9000 crore rupees in loan default against 17 banks. However, before his arrest, he had fled the country. In October of this year, he was arrested by the Scotland Yard in London in connection with a money laundering case. He is currently out on bail.

However, due to procedural delays, Mallya was caught in a hailstorm of reporters outside the Westminster Magistrates’ Court. He had to face several intrusive questions, particularly, one very aggressive phone call from none other than Arnab Goswami!

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Yep, you heard it right, probably because there’s no missing Arnab’s voice! Dressed in a crisp blue suit and his trademark swagger, Mallya walked casually amidst a swarm of reporters, when a Republic TV reported got Arnab on phone and put the call on speaker!

From accusing Mallya of buying his Formula One team using taxpayer money to calling him an excellent cell mate for Peter Mukerjea, Arnab goes in, guns blazing, with his hard-hitting questions.

“How can you be standing there arrogantly and say you owe nobody anything? You’re directly accountable to the Indian taxpayer for 7000 crore rupees! Do you understand? What do you call a person that runs away with someone else’s money? You call that person a fugitive. You call that person a thief.”

However throughout the video, Mallya appears to be avoiding the questions.

In a second video, Arnab can be heard loud and clear, listing the various fraud cases against Vijay Mallya, proclaiming that Mallya had been held guilty after a serious investigation by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and yet he was bold enough to run away from the country without answering any of these allegations.

“How dare you stay smug out there, Mr. Mallya? Answer me persistently tonight. Even if you’re gonna be sweating at the end of this, you’ve gotta answer the questions!”

If you thought Arnab was done, he was far, far away from finished with his brutal inquisition of Vijay Mallya.

In yet another video, Arnab (and probably India too) wanted to know why Mallya’s lawyers were comparing him to British business magnate and founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson. And that’s probably when Vijay Mallya decided to put his foot down.

All the while, in the background, the Republic TV reporter can be heard trying to get Mallya to take the phone and speak to Arnab directly, as well as convincing Arnab that Mallya was in fact trying to answer his questions.

Instead, Arnab continued with his tirade. And Mallya?

Watch the video here.

Not taking anything away from the very pointed and relevant curveballs that Arnab Goswami threw at Vijay Mallya, but maybe he could’ve let the man talk? The conversation, if you could even call it one, was merely a really loud monologue that served no purpose at all.

Then again, all we’ve got to do is wait and watch if Vijay Mallya will have any answers for the various courtrooms he’ll be making a tour of soon! Because, unlike Arnab, they sure will be all ears!