Watch Arnab Goswami Shut Down A JNU Student Activist Over Siachen Braveheart Hanumanthappa

A group of students from JNU organized a march against the hanging of Afzal Guru, and the Sangh student wing, ABVP, demanded the expulsion of the group. Umar Khalid, a student of JNU, and the organizer of the march was invited to the Newshour Debate and has the misfortune of arguing against Arnab Goswami.

This video shared by Amazing Arnab,  shows Arnab Goswami lose his cool and lash out on Umar Khalid when the topic of Siachen braveheart, Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad was brought up. Arnab Goswami showed Umar Khalid his true place. Umar Khalid and his group of ‘protesters’ had raised slogans like ‘We will keep fighting our battle till we destroy India’ and called it ‘cultural’.  And Umar Khalid deserves nothing better when he and his group are against the very nation that provide for him, educate him and let him survive and thrive.

You don’t mess with Arnab and you definitely don’t talk rubbish especially when it comes to the brave hearts of the nation, Umar Khalid.

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