‘Fitness Not About 6-Packs’ Arjun Kapoor Slams Person Who Said He Can Never Get In Shape

There is so much misinformation about fitness that is propagated in the news, magazines and now on social media that people have begun to undermine a sustainable lifestyle and glorify slim (for women) and muscular (for men) bodies. Crash diets and 7-days a week workouts are promoted, not realizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to fitness.

Hence, when a person on Instagram said that actor Arjun Kapoor can “never get in shape”, he decided to school him about fitness and give him a piece of his mind.


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He wrote that it’s because of such a mentality that people place more importance on having a chiselled body over discipline, eating clean, and improving one’s physical and mental health.

“So, according to people like you, being in shape is just having cuts on your body. The shift in mentality, the ability to show up and push hard, to smile through a session, to eat clean, to be disciplined in adversity, to make each session count and improve your actual health and strength and posture and the ability to push isn’t the point of working out, right? We should all just look like your display picture. That’s a sad way of looking at fitness. And where this mentality is concerned, I can stand up to criticism and reply face to face. I don’t need to hide behind a pic of a torso,” he wrote on Instagram.

He further took to his Instagram stories and expressed that fitness is more than having a good-looking body and it means much more to people who have struggled with living a healthy life in the past.


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A post shared by Arjun Kapoor (@arjunkapoor)

“It is because of comments and thought processes of people who hide behind keyboards like this, the world is made to believe that fitness is always about having the best-looking body and nothing else. Fitness is way more than that for anyone who’s ever struggled to just lead a normal healthy life and be mentally happy and calm.”

He went on to add, “Fitness isn’t about six-packs. Fitness is about mental, physical and emotional well-being. And any trainer saying otherwise isn’t seeing it from a wholesome life perspective but for just external gratification.”

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I completely agree with what Arjun Kapoor has to say here. Do you?

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