Arjun Kapoor On Weighing 150 Kg At The Age Of 16, “I Developed Asthma & Got Injured”

Actors have time and again opened up about their fitness journey and how they balanced wellness with their love of food. After Ileana D’Cruz, now Arjun Kapoor gets candid about his journey with indulgence in food and how it impacted his health.

Kapoor recollects a time when he weighed 150 kgs and subsequently decided to skip rice and sweets from his diet for two years. “It reached a point where I developed asthma, I developed injuries because of it and I reached 150 kgs by the time I was 16 years old,” he says, according to a report in IE.

Revealing that his teenage years were tough times, he added that his parents’ separation saw him find comfort in food. “When my parents split up, I looked at food for comfort. I got caught up in the way I felt emotionally so I started eating and then I really enjoyed eating,” shared Arjun.

Kapoor added, “Fast food culture came into India at that point in time and fast food is fast food, you can go after school and keep eating. And it is very difficult to let go because eventually there is nobody to stop you beyond a point.”

Arjun went on to speak of Malaika Arora in an interview and her influence on his life, saying, “I love how dignified Malaika is. From the age of 20, to today, being an independent woman with her own personality, I have seen her trying to change the narrative about things. She has just believed in keeping her head down with dignity and letting her work do the talking and leading a life that allows her to be happy. I learn from her every day!”

What do you think of his revelations?

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