Arijit Singh Pune Concert Ticket Prices Go Upto ₹16 Lakhs But People’s Reactions Are Priceless

I watched Arijit Singh perform live way back in 2013. The ‘Aashiqui 2’ album had just been released and then he used to sing other popular Bollywood songs along with his own. But today, 9 years later, he is probably the most popular singer the music industry in India has. So, it is only natural that his concert ticket prices will burn a hole in your pocket.


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You read that right. Arijit Singh is all set for his India tour and his Pune concert tickets start from Rs 999 and go all the way up to Rs 16,00,000! I’m not even making this up. A person on Twitter shared a screenshot.

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Now, you may think that there was a glitch in the website. But no. I checked again.

So the location where he will be performing is divided into several zones. The least expensive is ‘Bronze’ which is the standing area and the tickets are for Rs 999. This is the ‘early bird’ ticket price, BTW.

Like this, there’s ‘Silver’ (standing area, Rs 1999), ‘Gold’ (seating area, first come first serve, Rs 4999), ‘Platinum Left’ and ‘Platinum Right’ (both seating, first come first serve, Rs 6999), ‘Diamond Left’ and ‘Diamond Right’ (both seating, first come first serve, Rs 8999).

And then comes sections called PL or ‘Premium Lounge’ which again has 4 sections – PL 1 – PL 4. These tickets start from Rs 10 lakhs and include “unlimited food” and “premium liquor”. The price for PL 1 tickets is Rs 16,00,000 each.

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If you still don’t believe me, you can check out the prices by clicking here.

Arijit Singh concert tickets might be hella pricey, but people’s reactions on Twitter were absolutely priceless! Here’s what many of them said:

Sorry Arijit, but we’re poor. 🙁

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