Arijit Singh Wins Hearts By Apologizing To Audience For Inconvenience Caused At Kolkata Concert

Most of us can do anything it would take to just get a glimpse of our favorite celebrities. The moment we get to know they will be performing in our city, we start researching to use our savings and buy tickets, not willing to miss this opportunity to witness them live.

Arijit Singh is also among the blessed artists who have a massive fan following in India. Whenever he is performing in any city, all his shows go house full. Recently, the ticket prices of one of his shows went up to Rs 16 lakhs.

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Apart from being an acclaimed singer and music composer who has given us trending and soulful numbers like “Tum Hi Ho” and “Chahun Main Ya Naa”, he is also a wonderful human being who thinks about his fans too.

We say this after he apologized to the people who recently came to listen to his voice in Kolkata.

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In the Facebook post, the singer expressed his disappointment with the organizers of his recent event that caused inconvenience to the audience.

He wrote that he was hurt to see the people walking to the venue, had to tolerate the unhealthy place and some couldn’t even attend the event on time.

“Kolkata, I am sorry that you had to park your cars almost 1km away and walk to the venue (as Toto rikshaws were unable to handle the rush). I am sorry that you had to tolerate the unhealthy place and mosquito bites. I am sorry some volunteers misbehaved with so many people as if they have the authority to do so!!
I am sorry so many of you could not come inside on time because some people did not care to help for the hand bands( it was new to a lot of people). Sorry that you had to figure it out yourselves. But still the way you showed me love. I am humbled.”

He further added in Bengali that next time he will make sure his audience can have a better experience.

“Amar hridayjoda bhalobasa!! Ami cheshta korbo next time er theke beshi bhalo experience jate dite pari. Sobai bhalo theko!! “
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Have a look at his full post here:


I am sorry that you had to park your cars almost 1km away and walk to the venue (as Toto rikshaws were unable…

Posted by Arijit Singh on Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Seldom have I seen artists apologizing for the inconvenience caused to the audience by the organizers. People were also touched by his gesture.

There are many reasons why he has won millions of hearts across the globe and this is one of them.

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