“I Was Called A Fat Hooker,” Ariel Winter Opens Up About Being Sexualised And Hated As A Teen

Famous from the hilarious sitcom, Modern Family Ariel Winter has basically grown up in the public eye. You may know her as the sassy, brainiac Alex Dunphy who always has a clever comeback up her sleeve.

However, real-life Ariel Winter has had quite a struggle growing up. From being sexualised by her own mother to being body shamed time again her life hasn’t been an easy one.

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Ariel Winter has been under fan scrutiny for her body for a long time. She underwent a breast reduction surgery in 2015 and was put under media scrutiny since then. She opened up to US Weekly about the flak she received saying,


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“I started trying to dress for my body and was called a slut or a fat hooker. It got even worse as I was turning 13, 14, 15. It really took so much of my self- esteem.”

Winter, who joined the show at the tender age of 11, has not had it easy. She talked about users leaving nasty comments on her photos. And replying to them she said,

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“It was really disappointing that people would hate me so much for dressing how I wanted to. It’s difficult to not write something sassy, but I feel better when I write something positive. Maybe they’ll not write something hurtful next time.”


The actor opened up about how her journey to body confidence was a long one. She also spoke about how the heartless comments she received as a young child could have completely broken her. She would even be slammed at one point for being flat chested.

Now loving her body and accepting it for the way it is she is much more confident. She slammed down on the haters saying,

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“The only person that matters is yourself. If you’re happy, if you’re confident, that’s all that matters.”

Trying to fit in with the unrealistic standards set for A-list stars, Ariel began analysing the cruel remarks. However, according to The Sun, looking back at her journey she spoke to the haters saying,

“Those who say such harsh things on my Instagram, thank you for this opportunity – but the question I ask myself every time I read the mean comments is if this is how you talk to a stranger online, I can only imagine how cruelly you speak to yourself.”


She ended by saying— “Stop the hate. Accept all that you are and know your flaws are what make you the PERFECT you.”

We applaud your spirit, Ariel! Thank you for setting more real body standards for young girls. And haters gonna hate, but just shake it off!