Argentinian MP Caught Kissing Wife’s Breasts During Parliamentary Session, Watch Video


A while back, a Thai MP named Ronnathep Anuwat was caught looking at explicit images on his smartphone during a budget reading by the reporters in the press gallery. Now, a 47-year-old lawmaker from Argentina named Juan Emilio Ameri has been suspended for kissing his wife’s breasts during a virtual parliamentary session.

According to Mail Online, he sat her on his lap, pulled down her black top and began fondling and kissing her breasts.

House president Sergio Massa halted the session saying the decorum of the parliament was violated and he was suspended after fellow MPs voted in favour of the expulsion.

Initially, the MP defended himself by saying, “I’m very ashamed about what happened and I’m very sorry. The internet connection in the area where I’m based is very bad. My partner was coming out of the bathroom when I thought the connection had gone. Ten days ago she had a breast enlargement and I asked her about her silicone implants. I asked her if I could give her a kiss and I kissed her on the boobs. That was it.”

Later, he resigned saying, “I’m offering my resignation as an MP. I’d like to offer my apologies for what happened. It wasn’t my intention to demonstrate this lack of respect.”

We’ve seen people eating or sleeping during video conferences, but this is taking it too far, don’t you think?

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