Archana Puran Singh On Being More Successful Than Husband Parmeet, Says It Never Was A Barrier

When we hear about Archana Puran Singh, we are immediately transported to watching her in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ as Miss Braganza! But she is much, much more than that film. She is an established actor and television personality whose popularity skyrocketed after her appearances in notable comedy shows.

It’s safe to say that Archana is way more successful than her husband Parmeet Sethi. Although he is a well-known actor himself who has worked in films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’, he is yet to match up to Archana’s level.

In an interview, Archana spoke about being more successful than her husband and how it affects their marriage. Hindustan Times quoted her saying:

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“Parmeet and I would always laugh about how our life story would be like the film Abhimaan, where the wife‚Äôs career takes off in a bigger way than her husband‚Äôs. However, I feel that we should never get into gender stereotypes. What if the man‚Äôs career would have been on an upward swing while the woman would still be struggling? Just because a woman is defined as a homemaker, would nobody question her or say that she can‚Äôt do anything big in life? Society should not stereotype or stick to old gender roles.”

Her success is something that has never come between the husband and the wife, she claimed.

“He has always supported me and has never brought this as a point between us. Although his career had a slow start, he has done good work in many films and web shows, and is also a good writer and director. He has also established himself in his career, but remained in the background, so it seemed that I did better in my career.”

Such kind of secure relationship is something that every couple should strive to have!

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