Arab Women’s Comments Under This Video Of A Mexican Woman Running Is Heartbreaking

In many Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq and Syria, the condition of women’s rights is a matter of great concern for women. Gender inequality and discrimination are excessive. Girls and women do not have proper rights to education, have restricted economic opportunities and legal protection, and have cultural norms that curb their freedom. The state of women in such countries is incredibly sad.

For example, under a Mexican woman’s video of herself running wearing athleisure, several Arab women commented saying it is their dream.

“I hope to feel this feeling.”

“She is living my dream.”

“Sad how I’m not allowed to do this.”

These were the kinds of comments that were found in the comments section of the video.

This broke the hearts of several people online who expressed that one’s life can be someone else’s dream. Have a look:

In countries like Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to go outside in public on their own. They must always have a male escort or a male member of their family along with them. They are also required to cover themselves completely when in public. It is truly sad to see how things we don’t pay much importance to, like being able to go out alone for walks and runs, is a dream for many women across the world.

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