From Fake Proposals To Fake Travel Plans, Memes Erupt Online For April Fools’ Day

Happy April Fools’ Day! This is the time of the year where fun is in the air and social media is flooded with hilarious memes and jokes. If you’re a fan of the celebration, it’s the day of pranking your friends. And if you’re not a fan, it’s no less than hell trying to avoid hoaxes and misinformation. Either way, it sure is an interesting day.

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Here are some funny posts on the internet that will make your friends and family go ROFL:

  1. The ‘trust nothing and no one’ attitude

2. Beware of fake proposals and plans! ๐Ÿ˜›

3. And the people who have already had enough!

4. Why does this hurt?

Are you ready to bring out the jokester in you this year?

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