People Celebrate April Fools’ Day By Sharing Memes & Jokes Online


It’s that time of the year when as a kid, I would literally not listen to anyone (even my parents) and be extra careful in what I was doing. It’s the first of April!

The day when people officially get the license to play practical pranks on each other. And once exposed, jokesters would shout “April fools” or desi people would sing “April fool banaya, tumko gussa aya” and derive pleasure from someone’s suffering.

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Given the current situation, it’s these jokes and pranks that are keeping us sane. And since most of us have ample amount of time and also have a LIT internet connection, April Fools’ Day memes and jokes are trending online.

Here are some of them:

However, looking at the current health emergency, many people have decided to cancel the day. Many of them took to twitter and requested people to not play out risky pranks and pass on fake news or joke about coronavirus just for fun.

Well, we indeed need to be aware of all the fake news and unnecessary pranks at such crucial times. But these harmless memes and jokes will surely help to cheer you up.

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