Apple Will Soon Appoint A Bollywood Celebrity As Their Brand Ambassador. Guess Who?

Tim Cook visited Mumbai last month and who knew that one of the actors from the Indian film industry would become the Apple’s brand ambassador!

To intensify the presence of Apple in India, the company has appointed none other than the country’s heartthrob, Shah Rukh Khan.

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That’s right! You can dance in a corner if you feel elated after hearing the name.


The formal announcement will be made when Apple launches new iPhones in India later this year, which would be around October.

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Apple generally launches iPhones around September in the United States of America.


Apple has many brand ambassadors like these worldwide, like Brazilian-born soccer player Neymar, or NBA player Steph Curry in the USA.


Tim Cook was invited to the dinner party hosted by Shah Rukh Khan when he visited Mumbai. Apart from his, many Bollywood honchos had graced the occasion with their presence.

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It’s unclear whether Tim Cook visited Mumbai because of this or this idea of Brand Ambassador was decided afterwards.

But, whatever it is, I am so happy that they chose Shah Rukh Khan for this.

Way to go, King Khan! ūüėÄ

News Source: PC-Tablet

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