Apple Gives ‘Discount’ On iPhone 12 Pro Max & Sells It For ₹1 Less, Twitter Reacts

Most people can buy an iPhone in one of these two ways:
1) When a new iPhone series is launched, so you can buy the 4-year-old one.
2) When Apple decides to bless the world with a huge sale.

So, Apple Inc. decided to do the latter and has put one of its items on “sale”. In a picture posted by one Twitter user, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is now available at a discounted rate. Its original price is Rs 1,59,900 and it is being sold at Rs 1,59,899 online.

Image source

1 rupee bachat guys!

Image source

Have a look at the tweet here:

People online were left stunned. After all, where can ever find a deal like this? 😛

Sarcastic remarks were in full swing! Here’s how some people reacted to the deal:

Honestly, this deal is quite the steal! 😉

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