The Apple v/s Google Emoji Intensifies. After Burger, Internet Finds Fault With Beer Emoji!

Tech brands have often recalled their products, but have you ever heard of an emoji recall? Well, it looks like Google might just have to announce one!

Only two days ago, the Internet, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, ‘dropped everything’ to discuss the placement of cheese in Google’s burger emoji. What started as an Apple v/s Google emojis debate, eventually became an international concern about the correct order of stacking up a burger!

Don’t we take our emojis seriously! Yes, yes we do. And it’s worse this time around, because they’ve gone and messed with our beer too!

Yesterday, another Twitter user and emoji enthusiast, Thomas Fuchs, expressed his dissatisfaction with Google’s beer emoji.

Fuchs’ chief concern? The weirdly inexplicable gap between the beer in the mug and the foam on the rim! And he wasn’t alone!

The glaring design flaw did not go down smoothly with many others, who trolled the know-it-all Google for not getting their favourite beverage right.

1. Have you any tact, Google?

2. Can’t anyone get it right, FFS?

3. A Google employee had to vouch for the food at Google’s cafe!

4. Maybe the graphic designer graduated from Hogwarts?

5. We need to have a drink-off to prove this!

6. Conspiracy Theory ALERT! And that’s when our world changed forever!

7. Every office needs to have one, TBH!

8. Et tu, Apple?

9. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha…. No.

10. Dear Mr. Pichai, Please address. Sincerely, Internet.

Google, y u do dis?

Looks likes Sundar Pichai and Team will be spending several consecutive Mondays pouring over each emoji in their kitty and making sure they’ve gotten it right.

As for all of us on the Internet finding new trivial pursuits every morning, think it’s time we got a job, no?

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