This Guy’s Girlfriend Sent Him An Apology Letter. He Graded It And Sent It Back – SAVAGE!

You can be savage, but you can never be as savage as Nick Lutz.

If you are wondering who Nick Lutz is, he is a student at the University of Central Florida who brutally roasted his ex when she sent him an apology letter. He took a red marker and graded the entire letter, giving her a ‘D-‘.

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Nick marked all the mistakes (grammatical and personal) that his ex committed. He says that she was probably playing another prank on him.

“I feel a little bit guilty but at the same time, I don’t believe the letter at all. I’ve been lied to before by her.”


And Nick got some really amusing reactions to his tweet.

1. This was probably the bestΒ 


2. As if this wasn’t enough


3. People were trippin’ on Nick’s talent


4. Perfect!

Well, as far as I remember, sending a letter to an ex is never a good idea.

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Teach me, master Nick.

News Source: BBCΒ newsbeat