Anushka Shetty On Casting Couch: I Admit It Exists In The Telugu Film Industry


A lot has been said and heard about ‘casting couch’ in the entertainment industry. Bollywood stars like Ranveer Singh, Zareen Khan and Radhika Apte have earlier opened up about their horrifying casting couch experiences when the actors were asked to make compromises to land a role in the industry.

Recently, Tollywood superstar Anushka Shetty admitted that the horror of casting couch does exist in the south Indian film industry.

“I admit that it exists in the Telugu film industry but I never had to face it because I was straight forward,” the Bahubali actress told TOI. She also mentioned that her straight forward and frank approach ensured she was never exploited.

“I have always been straight forward and frank. The actress should decide whether they want the easy ways and less fame or harder ways and sustain for a long in the entertainment industry,” she added.

Sharing a message for the young women in the business, Anushka said that if they face any such situation in the industry, it completely up to them to make a choice and walk away, reports Republic World.

While everyone has a choice, and one doesn’t have to make compromises to get ahead at work, casting couch remains a disgusting practice. After all, all forms of sexual harassment in the workplace are unacceptable.
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