‘Learnt From My Experience In B-Town’, Anushka Sharma Vows to Back Talented Actors

“It takes a wise man to recognize a wise man.” Similarly, only an outsider can truly understand the struggles of a person trying to make a name in the film industry. Speaking of which, actor-turned-producer Anushka Sharma recently spoke about how she wants to give a fair chance to talented people in B-town.

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The actress, who faced her share of struggles before becoming a star, said talented people deserve a chance to prove their caliber in the acting industry, reports Hindustan Times. The PK actor was quoted saying,

“When I became a producer at 25, I was clear that I will back genuinely talented people who give their everything to make a mark with their pure, raw talent and who are looking for a foot into the business of films.” 

Anushka’s brother, Karnesh Sharma, who is also a co-founder of her production house, was quoted saying, “When we started Clean Slate Films we consciously wanted to work with a lot of fresh talent and we have continuously done so with actors, directors, and technicians.”

He added,

“The energy and fresh ideas that new talent bring to the project is invigorating and we intend to keep doing the same.”

Anushka mentioned that she’s learned a lot of things from her experience in the industry. She said that right from her debut film, she has worked really hard to get a chance to work with some of the best filmmakers in the country. She said that she wants to give the same opportunities to fresh talent from across the nation.

Kudos to Anushka for opening her arms to outsiders. After all, it’s high time talented actors get recognized for their work. What do you think? Tell us!

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