Virat Kohli Gets A Haircut From Wife Anushka Sharma During Lockdown

It is Saturday and our #QuarantineLife includes watching the mythological serial Ramayan on Doordarshan National at 9 am, doing household chores and then browsing through our favourite celebrity social media handles. There’s something relatable about Katrina Kaif doing her own dishes and Shilpa Shetty tending to her garden during lockdown.

According to NDTV, Anushka Sharma shared a video where she turned hairstylist for husband Virat Kohli and gave him a new hairstyle using the humble kitchen scissors. Take a look.

News18 quoted the skipper saying, β€œThis is what quarantine does to you. You allow things like this to happen, getting your haircut with kitchen scissors.” However, in the end, he was all praise for his beautiful wife’s skills.

This really is the perfect chance for us to learn new things and discover stuff about our friends and family that we didn’t know before. Let’s use this #GiftOfTime wisely.

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