Video Shows Wifey Anushka Comforting An Emotional Virat Remembering His Late Father


Love birds Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are the cutest when they are together. They don’t hesitate to show their affection and support towards each other even in the public eye and are the ultimate #couplegoals. Smitten in love, Virushka were recently spotted together attending a special event commemorating the former finance minister, Arun Jaitley. Most of the players and supporting staff of the Indian cricket team also attended the event.

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On the occasion of renaming Feroz Shah Kotla stadium after Jaitley, the power couple was seen sitting next to each other. Reportedly, a special stand was also named after Kohli. Anushka Sharma being every bit supportive and proud of her cricketer husband and was seen tightly holding his hand when the speaker spoke of Kohli’s father’s demise.


The couple got teary-eyed when DDCA president Rajat Sharma recalled how Jaitley used to praise Kohli who came to play the cricket match soon after his father’s demise. Sharma said Jaitley predicted,

‘Virat would become a big name and there wouldn’t be anyone bigger than him in the history of Delhi’s cricket.’

The duo’s emotional moment soon went viral.

Twitter was abuzz with chatter after witnessing Virushka’s touching bond-


The moment indeed was emotional and watching them makes one song buzz in my head, “Rab Ne Bana Di….!”

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