Anurag Kashyap’s Post About Quitting Smoking Is The Inspiration You Need To Kick The Butt

We all have our vices. For some, it might be something as simple as an undying love for chocolates or having an ice cream every night before bed. While these can barely be considered as a vice, the real problem lies with those that affect our health. I’m, of course, talking about alcohol, drugs, smoking and such. And a good number of us, are guilty of at least one of these.

As much as we are aware of the harmful side of these guilty pleasures, we find it difficult to cut them out of our lives. Especially if we are surrounded by an environment where such practices are quite common and easily available.

Anurag Kashyap has been an avid smoker for a very long time. In fact, he even made the movie “No Smoking” about a chain smoker.

But now, 25 years into first starting the habit, he has decided to call it quits.

Not just decide, he hasn’t smoked a cigarette in 40 days now and he took to Instagram to share his experience.

Sharing a picture of a hearty meal, the 45-year-old writes about how his appetite has returned ever since he’s taken the non-smoking route. His entire post reads:

40 days since I quit smoking… Have started to eat like a pig and to counter that I swam a 100 lengths in 93 minutes in a 30-metre pool… And when I smoked, I ate less, was much fatter, and could swim the equivalent of a km in 40 minutes and only sometimes push it to more than that. Now its easier to swim 90 meters every day.

I can feel my breath, I don’t choke, I don’t cough all the time, I don’t wake up with a heavy head and its only been forty days. But yes, sometimes the temptation to pick it back up does surface. Especially when everyone around us is smoking. Me, the chain-smoker for 25 years, the one who made “No Smoking”… is forced to admit that life is so much better without picking a cigarette.”


The director marvels at how his body feels so much better even just 40 days into quitting. However, he says that even with these benefits, the temptation to pick up a cigarette is still rife, especially when someone nearby smokes. Nevertheless, he ends his post with the admission that life is definitely better without this particular vice.

This insight into Kashyap’s life reminds me of Pooja Bhatt‘s motivating stories on her journey through sobriety. Revelations such as these are very inspiring, to say the least. Celebs have a voice and a platform, which when used for good can make a heavier impact than any no-smoking ad. We wish Anurag all the luck in his fight against the butt.

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