Anupam Kher Calls Out Apple Store In NY For Not Displaying India’s Watch In Olympic Collection

Right from the time he opened up about being diagnosed as manic depressive to voicing the fact that he’d been bullied in the film industry, Anupam Kher has never shied away from candidly expressing his thoughts. This time around he took to social media to vent his frustration about the fact that he couldn’t find India’s watch in the Olympic collection at a New York Apple store.

He shared a clip showing customized watches representing each country that took part in the Tokyo Olympics, as they were on display at the store. Watches representing Jamaica, France, Australia and Canada, among others flaunted a flag as a symbol of the nation they belonged to.

Initials of the countries were penned in front of the watches. However, there was no watch that represented India. Take a look-

Desis had a lot to say about this. Some shared in the frustration Kher felt and tweeted their opinion. Others tried to reason why India’s watch wasn’t presented.

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