As Promised, Juhi Sent A Box Of Mangoes To Anupam Kher For Helping Her Decode Big B’s Letter!

Ever since Anupam Kher helped Juhi Chawla decipher Amitabh Bachchan’s handwritten letter, he has been waiting for Juhi to fulfil her promise…. of sending him a box of mangoes!

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The actress had sent a box of mangoes to Big B and the latter had sent a handwritten thank you note to her. But the writing was too fancy for Juhi to read! So the good friend that Anupam Kher is, he translated it for her. All he asked for in return, was that she send hima box of mangoes too!

And well, Juhi promised to do so!

Ab, jo wada kiya woh nibhana padega, right?

Well, what do ya know, Juhi, true to her word, did send forth a ‘peti’ of ‘aam’!

This morning, Anupam Kher tweeted a picture of this delicious but expected surprise from Juhi!

“Dear Juhi, thank you for sending the box of mangoes!”

So sweet, no?

Season ke aam are the most delicious treat of all. And they’re definitely sweeter when they’re sent over by a loved one! Chalo Anupam ji, you enjoy your aam! And keep helping your friends translate Big B’s notes! Apparently, it’s quite the rewarding service!