Watch: How Anthony Bourdain Showed The World That Vegetarian Food In India Is The Best

How do you even begin talking about a personality who managed to touch so many lives, walk so many unexplored roads, and gave us so many remarkable stories to remember him by?

Anthony Bourdain, chef, writer, storyteller, traveller, television personality, and an explorer of the unknown left us too soon, at 61.

His passing yesterday was a devastating blow to family, friends, and fans; the man surely had many more cuisines to explore, stories to tell, and adventures to lead us on….

Tony, as he was fondly called, lived and breathed food. But it was his innate understanding of those intricate aspects of food, his particular brand of sarcasm and humour, that voice, and the gusto with which he explored different cultures through food, that made him the much loved legend he will always be.

A beautiful example of this was seen on Twitter today, when Twitter user @sashakalra shared a clip of Bourdain’s visit to Punjab for an episode of his show, Parts Unknown.

Shot in 2014, Bourdain’s travels took him to the famous Kesar Da Dhaba in Amritsar, Punjab. And watching him gorge on the delectable vegetarian Punjabi food, saag, parathas et al., with so much love and adoration, was a revelation for a lot of hardcore meat-eaters!

“If this was what vegetarianism meant in most of the places that practice it in the West, I’d be at  least half as much less of a dick about this subject.”

What came next was a heartwarming display of love and admiration for Anthony Bourdain, not just from Indian fans who loved how beautifully he captured the essence of Indian food, but also from people across the globe, for giving them a new perspective to look at a culture!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was why Anthony Bourdain loved what he did, and was loved for it in return!

Settling the vegetarian v/s non-vegetarian debate like only Bourdain could!

Yes, that!

Thank you, Tony!

A notable moment out of many….

And Tony would surely understand that!


Rest in peace, foodie!

I’m pretty sure, Bourdain’s already exploring what foodie treats heaven has to offer!

He inspired so many people to explore Indian food and culture!

Heaven couldn’t wait for Tony :'(

Couldn’t have put it better….

And finally, the most beautiful takeaway from Anthony Bourdain’s life… and his passing….

Rest in peace, Tony. You’ve left an unforgettable taste of your food, and your stories in our hearts.