A Husband Asked This Question On Quora And One Of The Replies He Got Is Freaking Awesome

For most of the husbands/boyfriends, saving their passwords from wives/girlfriends becomes a mental agony. *evil smirk*

Because sometimes, their paramour tends to act like a prying journalist and dig up all the related information from their mails, social media accounts or even, bank balance. ¬†Therefore, the husbands/ boyfriends often think that their privacy is “invaded.”

This might have tormented one of the Quora users as he asked this question on Quora:


As of now, the thread has 55 answers but the answer that stands out is Diana Cretu‘s answer. Here’s what she wrote:

1. Set up a brand new e-mail account. [email protected](.)com or something.


2. Give your wife a piece of paper with this info:
  1. Your Gmail address
  2. Your Facebook login e-mail
  3. The name of the bank where you have your accounts
  4. etc.
To clarify, it will be a list of the accounts you want her to be able to access after you’re kaput. Just the list of accounts, nothing else.


3. Send an e-mail from your usual address to [email protected](.)com, with the following content:
  1. 349yt9dfj
  2. 4pu3t9p4
  3. 239849-38523-540
  4. djfp
These are, of course, the passwords and account numbers that you want her to have once you’re sleeping with the fishes.


4. Tell your wife that you did these things, and while you’re at it, send her an e-mail from [email protected](.)com, so she’ll have the address handy in some special folder in her inbox, “deadhubby” or something.


5. Put the password for [email protected](.)com in your will. Don’t include the e-mail address as well, just put something like “The password is: isleptwithyoursister”.


And voil√†! She’ll only have the password once you’re worm food, and the info is also secure, since it’s split in two places that cannot be easily connected, so if the e-mail address happens to be hacked, the perpetrator won’t be able to use it to steal all the billions you’re going to leave her.


My reaction: WOAAAHHH!!!
The humor quotient is so high that it made me forget what the question was!

I’m pretty sure the person who asked this question (even if it was meant to be for jest) did not see that coming.

Take a bow, Diana Cretu! You’re pretty awesome.

Source: Quora