From Eating Chargers To Biting, Pet Parents Tweet Annoying Things Their Cats Do

Having pets is great. They’re cute and cuddly, shower us with unconditional love and become a part of our family. But there is also another side to pet parenting which involves making a lot of sacrifices, looking after their dietary requirements, taking them to vet appointments, clipping their nails, etc.

And of course, there are people who are allergic. Historian Danna Agmon’s partner is allergic to cats and so she requested everyone on Twitter to convince her to NOT get a cat.

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Thereafter, feline parents shared annoying stories of what their cats do when they’re bored, angry, or want to take revenge like eating phone chargers, breaking vases, peeing inside shoes, and biting everyone in the family.

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This is a great thread for future pet owners to get to know exactly what they’re getting into (and probably reconsider if it feels like too much to handle), don’t you think?

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