Woman Shares The Idea Of Casting Anne Hathaway & SRK Together For A Romantic Movie

Safe to say, American actress Anne Hathaway is the queen of Hollywood. Her simplicity married with her class act and award-winning skills have made even desis her die-hard fans.

And when it comes to the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is a legend himself. So, what if these two gems of the global film industry come together on screen? Magic hoga, Magic!

Twitter user Anandi Mishra also thought it would be a great idea to cast the two actors together. In fact, the journo was so desperate that she even penned down a storyline and characters for them that could be made into a film.

Obviously, it’s a love story which is set in a hilly town, possibly Nainital.

“Talking in Indian-American English. Sitting on one of those green benches, fingers interlaced. Looking at the jheel. Discussing groceries, calling the plumber, picking up their daughter after school.”

It does sound like a blockbuster movie. Here’s how people online reacted to hearing the idea of casting Anne and Shah Rukh together for a romantic film.

Manifesting a movie soon. Would you watch it?

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