Ankita Reveals Sushant Once Spoke To Her About Suicide, Says, “He Believed It’s A Terrible Thing”


Several murder and suicide theories surrounding the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput have been floating around. Earlier, it was also said that Sushant was depressed which lead him to commit suicide in his apartment in Mumbai. However, his ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande has recently said that he wasn’t a guy who could commit suicide.

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Recalling the conversation she had with the late actor about suicide, Ankita said in an interview, “I don’t know where this depression talk came from, but I can’t believe this can happen. He was a strong man.”

Hindustan Times quoted her saying, “Ek din hum kisike suicide ke baare mein baat kar rahe they, he told me agar mere dimag mein aise khayal aye toh main 15 minutes mein khud ko thik kar lunga. Suicide bohot galat cheez hai woh kehta tha (One day we were talking about suicide. He told me, if he ever has such thoughts, he will clear his head in 15 minutes. He believed suicide is a terrible thing to do).”


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Rubbishing allegations that he was made to feel like an outsider in B-town, Ankita said that “he wasn’t mistreated in the time that they were together.” Hindustan Times quoted her adding, “Adi sir (Aditya Chopra) really supported him. Whenever he used to have a problem and he called Adi sir, he used to immediately call him back and ask him to meet him. Then Sushant used to go and meet him directly. If Sushant called him, he would immediately talk to him.” She also added that filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali had offered both of them several opportunities to work with him, but they were the ones who did not take them up.

Talking about Karan Johar she said that she doesn’t know about Sushant’s deal with him. “Agar mujhe pata hi nahi hai Karan Johar ke saath kya deal hui. I have no idea about it but yes, Aditya Chopra, Ekta Kapoor and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, I have seen that they were all very supportive.”


Denying rumours that Sushant succumbed to the pressure of his career, Ankita said in an interview with Times Now that he was a very easy-to-go person who always had options.

Times Of India quoted her saying, “When I was with Sushant he was never weak in his career. There was a time when we were together and during that time his career was completely different from what it is now. If you look at his career graph, he went from one place to another while facing so many things and yet never thought of anything pressurizing him. Compared to that, today he was in a better place. Am sure he must have had things that did upset him, but he never took it as a pressure on himself.”

“He was a very easy-to-go person who always had options, if one doesn’t work out, he would do something else. So, I don’t think that due to pressure he can do something like this or take a decision to hurt himself.”

“He used to take care of himself very nicely. So, I don’t believe he took this step due to pressure,” she adds. Speculating foul play, she said that everyone working in the industry knows that they have to face several things. There has to be a different reason behind his demise.

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“He knew it from Day 1 that he has to face certain things in the industry. Even I am from this industry, I too have to face several things but that doesn’t mean it breaks me. We all are aware that in this field there will be ups and downs.”

“I don’t believe that these things pressurized him (Sushant) and he can’t die for his career. There has to be a different reason, there has to be something else for which this has happened.”

She also said that even if it was a suicide, there is someone who knows the reason behind it. The ‘Manikarnika’ actor also spoke about Rhea Chakraborty and said that “currently she is the only one who can answer the questions about Sushant’s alleged depression.”

The probe into Sushant’s death is underway. Let’s hope the truth sees the light of the day as soon as possible.

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