Support Pours In For Ankita Konwar After She Shares That She Was ‘Abused As A Child’

Model-actor Milind Soman and his wife Ankita Konwar are often in the news for taking on various fitness challenges. However, this time around Konwar embraced her trauma in an IG video. Ankita also added that it has shaped her outlook on life.

She revealed that she’d been abused as a child and even that she has lost loved ones. Furthermore, the trend revealed that she often faced judgment for the way she looks. She listed some of her traumatic experiences-
1. Abused as a child
2. Grew up in hostels,
3. Lived in foreign cities alone,
4. Cheated by people I trusted most.
5. Lost a brother
6. Lost ex lover
7. Lost my father.

Finally she urged people to indulge in self-love and have a positive outlook on life.

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Soon after her post, support poured in for Ankita from fans as well as her hubby Milind.

Have you had to battle your trauma growing up too?

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