Actor Anjali’s Silence On Being Pushed By Balakrishna On Stage Shows How Patriarchy Works

Many women remain silent when facing abuse from powerful men, fearing job loss or other serious repercussions. There have been several cases from the entertainment industries in India itself, the most notable being Tanushree Dutta’s case.

The actress had reignited a decade-old allegation against veteran actor Nana Patekar, accusing him of sexual harassment on the set of the 2008 film “Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss.” Despite Dutta’s detailed account and the initial uproar, her career faced severe repercussions, with limited work opportunities and industry support. Conversely, Patekar continued his career without significant fallout, maintaining his reputation and receiving new projects.

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Similarly, several female employees at Phantom Films accused co-founder Vikas Bahl of sexual misconduct. However, women often endure abuse quietly to protect their careers and avoid blacklisting.

The same is probably the case with Telugu actor Anjali, who was recently disrespectfully pushed publicly by the powerful actor and politician Nandamuri Balakrishna. While there was a significant uproar from people who watched the video online against Balakrishna, Anjali broke her silence after the incident by thanking Balakrishna for gracing the pre-release event of her film with his presence.

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“I would like to express that Balakrishna garu and I have always maintained mutual respect for eachother and We share a great friendship from a long time,” she wrote on X, sharing a video from the event.

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While there were many who slammed her for not taking a stand for herself, many pointed out that this is exactly how patriarchy works – it silences women or robs them off opportunities and personal safety if they decide to speak out against powerful men.

What are your views regarding this entire incident?

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