Animated Video Beautifully Captures Good Old Days, Reminds Indians Of Childhood Memories


When I was a kid and my mother kept saying things like “Childhood is the best time of your life. Don’t waste it.” I never quite understood what she tried to say. Now having grown up, every bit of my childhood is missed, even the messy ones! I would give up anything to go back to school, share lunch with my friends, run across the playground, and have an orange stick outside school from ice-cream wale uncle.

Having said that, one video reminded people online of similar memories and has now gone viral, reports The Indian Express. The video, made by animator Tarun Lak, beautifully shows typical Indian mannerisms – like a schoolboy having nariyal paani, an elderly man enjoying a small nap after reading the newspaper, two schoolgirls sharing their tiffin, and a mother and son enjoying a playful moment while filling water in large pots. The video truly takes one back in time!

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Have a look:


People online were not just reminded of their childhood and the good old simplistic days, but also Malgudi Days! Many expressed how the video captured the daily life of any Indian middle-class family.

I wish we could go back in time and relive these moments once more!

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