Anil Kapoor’s Adorable Post For Wife Sunita Reminds Us Of The Old School Romance We Long For

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Anil ‘Jhakas’ Kapoor and I possibly cannot lay more emphasis on Jhakas, is a lot of things at the same time. An evergreen actor, a mind-blowing (in his accent) dancer, and an ace producer. Not to mention, he has totally bribed the Gods of ageing and has found a way to defy time. I mean just look at him…

Just the right blend of salt and pepper! Amirite?

But there is something else that the dad-of-three is better at! And that’s being a loving husband to his wife and ‘love of his life’ Sunita…

Even after over three decades of marriage, the duo celebrates the love that binds them together and moments that it gifts them.

How do I know that? Well, cause Anil Kapoor recently took to Instagram and shared one of those. And we’re smitten TBH! Posting a candid picture of him texting, he wrote…

“A candid shot captured by Suraj Vyas while I was messaging the love of my life, Sunita Kapoor!! She’s coming home from Austria after 10 days tonight and I can’t tell you how long these days have been! #OldSchoolRomance”


Even daughters Rhea, Sonam and SIL Anand took notice of his gesture and it’s another level cute.

 While Rhea and Anand chuckled at his adorable show of love…

anil kapoor

Sonam gushed over her daddy’s post in her own way, with an emoji that says it all!

anil kapoor

Sweet no?

This is the old school romance we don’t get to see anymore. May this love grow bigger each passing day! Also, boys…please take note.

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