Can You Identify These Films By Revisiting Anil Kapoor’s Iconic Characters In This Quiz?

64-year-old veteran actor and producer Anil Kapoor has been a part of many iconic movies throughout his career, and is popular as a dynamic and age-defying talent of our country. But how many of you can guess the movie which he starred in based on his character’s looks? Take this quiz, and let’s find out.

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1. A business magnate on the verge of bankruptcy

2. Remember the invisibility watch?

3. The ambitious TV presenter who takes on a political challenge.

4. Majnu Bhai!

5. He played a billionaire with a military satellite.

6. Recognise this uncle of Karan & Charan?

7. He plays an exaggerated version of himself in this one.

8. The comedic duo of Inspector RD and his assistant Cherry.

9. Raj Verma- the honest engineer.

10. The fun-loving, wanna-be quick millionaire.

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