Salman Khan Wanted To Smash A Chair On Ranveer Singh For Dancing During Sultan’s Screening


If you have seen Ranveer Singh on television, you probably are used to the impromptu dances he breaks into in the middle of nothing.

This particular habit is what makes him so likable by all his fans.

Something similar happened during a recent screening of Salman Khan’s movie Sultan, where Ranveer Singh started dancing to the catchy Sultan songs.

He stood up on the chair to dance and understandably, the whole audience started dancing with him.

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And in the true vein of reporting, some reporters asked Salman Khan his opinion about Ranveer dancing during “his” movie’s screening, Salman said –

“I wanted to break a chair on his head. Watch the film, don’t do stunts. They are not watching Sultan, he is making people watch him there. We should charge money from him”

We understand that he is passionate about people watching his movies, but this dance by Ranveer Singh doesn’t warrant such a violent statement by Salman Khan.

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Someone is really insecure about losing his thunder to a comparative “newbie” in the industry.

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