So Sick! Angry RCB Fans Wish Death For Shubman Gill & His Sister After The Team Loses To GT

Last night’s Indian Premier League (IPL) match made both teams teary-eyed. While Shubman Gill’s magnificent maximum chase brought victory to the Gujarat Titans (GT), the Virat Kohli-led team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) had to return heartbroken as this defeat cost them the entire league.

GT’s Shubman Gill’s second successive hundred runs became the catalyst in winning the game and obviously, that disappointed and angered many RCB fans. However, these people who call themselves ardent Virat and RCB fans couldn’t take the defeat with a pinch of salt and started flooding Gill and his sister Shahneel Gill with threats and hatred.


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Like a happy and supportive sister, Shahneel posted a picture from the stadium after her brother’s powerful innings. But some RCB fans couldn’t watch them celebrating their victory.


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People then went to Shubman and Shahneel’s profiles and started sending them vile messages and abusive comments.

However, there were scores of other people (and also some sensible RCB fans) who called out such toxic fans who couldn’t handle the team’s defeat and were sending hate and wishing death for the brother and sister.

Here’s a true blue cricketer AB de Villiers showing all these annoying people how to take defeat like a gentleman.

It’s indeed disheartening to learn that your favorite cricket team will no longer step on the field to play another match until next season. However, people who get involved in any game without sportsman spirit and with such a sick mentality should simply stop watching the sport altogether.

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