Twitter User Compares Speed Of Android & iPhone, Sparks Heated Debate Online


The Android vs. iPhone debate is not new but was recently sparked again after Twitter user Aly shared a video that compared the speed of both phones.Β  The user declared that Android phones are superior and better in quality while “Apple is for the flex”. The latter was also slammed for “copying” wide camera and night mode from the former.

Here are the arguments:

The thread resulted in a full-blown war between the two factions. Loyal Apple users pointed out that their phones have a better camera for taking pictures, nice aesthetics and that their phones do not get slower over time.

Android users also put forth their arguments on cost, features, and variety.

But then, several people realized that the original tweet claiming Android was superior was in fact tweeted from an iPhone! The irony!

Which phone do you prefer to use? Tell us!

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