Andhra Pradesh Makes It Compulsory For Colleges To Become English Medium, Sparks Debate

In a 2016 report by Cambridge University, it was found that speaking in English is one of the top skills employers search for while hiring. This is the case globally. Hence, in India, if someone knows English, their chances of getting hired increases immediately.

Keeping this in mind, the Andhra Pradesh government has made it compulsory for all government and private undergraduate degree colleges to become English-medium. According to TOI, this is to come into effect from the academic year 2021-22.

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According to an India Skills report from 2019, English is one of the top 3 skills Indian employers look for in employees, besides adaptability and learning agility.

Out of the 2.62 lakh students who have taken admission in colleges in Andhra Pradesh, 65,981 have taken admission in Telegu-medium colleges. However, the state government is of the opinion that their decision is bound to benefit the students, reports The Indian Express.

However, people online were left divided by this decision. While some called the move a “disrespect” to the mother tongue, others lauded the decision.

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